Olivier Brouwers

Olivier Brouwers was born in Brussels where he trained and qualified as a photographer at the school of fine arts “Le 75”. His travels have been wide and far afield notably in Asia and in the arab world: Yemen, Tadjikistan, Kirghizstan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Nepal, China, India, Yemen, Lebanon, Russia etc..


“zwanze, dürüms et caricoles” photography about Brussels (2003 initial ed.)

“BXL 360” (2005 initial ed.)

“one second on earth” (2013 initial ed)


Editing postcards in Brussels and Barcelone


U.N. collective exhibition about Northern Lebanon  Beyrouth 2004

“Zwanze!” Maison du Peuple, Brussels 2009

“A mirror vision”, Young Gallery,  Brussels 2010

“one second on earth” Brussels 2013


PRESS: http://www.wallpaper.com/art/a-mirror-vision-by-olivier-brouwers-brussels/3351


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